The Hay Ball Wonderment Journey
This is a project that melds public art, sculpture, performance, photography, video, social analysis and the art of the roadside attraction. It will do this through a long journey along back roads and communities across the USA with a large hand made and perfectly formed ball of hay on top of my car. This project will be creatively documented through writings, sketches, a blog, photographs and videos, and participated with through social media. 

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Gorham Savings Bank- Fresh local banking serving Southern Maine
MacdonaldPage and Co. - Certified Public Accountants and Management Advisers
Cyrus and Patty Hagge
Heron Point Gallery

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By funding this project every supporter will also become connected to it. Beyond some great collectible rewards, supporters will also receive the simple but profound satisfaction of knowing they have helped allow someone somewhere a momentary smile, chuckle or belly laugh about something that is at first perception perplexingly pointless. They will be updated on the progress of the trip, and will be part of helping to shape the exact route and activities through sharing their thoughts and ideas.
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